Saturday, 26 October 2013

Book Signing Event : New York 2013 SOLD OUT

Atmospheric Watercolours

The start to my USA 2013 Watercolour Workshop and Book signing tour is off to a wonderful start but maybe I underestimated sales. I have sold out of my book "Atmospheric Watercolours" in New York already and face the rest of the week minus stock. When I was at my publishers for an author event earlier this year I was told it was really difficult to keep my latest book in stock. I didn't believe it but I am now being told the same thing by several suppliers internationally. With copies selling out so quickly at my book signing event here in New York I will now not have any myself until I reach Texas. My next USA tour destination where stock is waiting for me for the next talk I am giving in Lubbock, Texas.

I have also sold out of my DVD "Watercolour Passion"

Watercolour Passion

Anyone wishing to buy my signed books or my DVDs can still do so  from my online shop.
Please note, I have DVDs available for USA format also!

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