Saturday, 26 October 2013

Long Island, New York Workshop 2013

 White Cat. "Eye"'
Simple demonstration Stage 1.

What a great first day of my 2013 workshops in New York at Long Island. The room is full of enthusiastic artists of all levels. Following my first warm up exercises of the day a variety of subjects appeared including, dogs, cats, portraits, landscapes, boats and even a water skier.

Maybe the joy in the sessions is due to the fact everyone is painting something completely unique as my style lends itself to every subject.

I was delighted to meet everyone and thrilled to hear from the organisers that  people attending my talk  last night were eager to join the already sold out sessions taking place this week. There are even requests for  early pre booking for my visit to New York in 2015!

Unfortunately my workshops for next year are sold out internationally apart from dates and locations for my 2014 Australia Tour which have not yet been released. 

I leave for Texas at the end of this week and am really looking forward to meeting everyone there.


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