Sunday, 3 November 2013

West Texas Watercolor Society : Driving Through Texas 2013

Rather than just share blog posts on my art, I thought  it might be of interest to share what I am seeing on my travels while I am on my 2013 book signing and watercolour workshop tour  in USA. I feel so fortunate to not only meet artists from all over the world but also see sights that  fascinate me which also in turn have effects on my imagination leading to new work in the future.

I left Long Island ,New York  this weekend after successful and fully booked workshops there to head for my next destination which was Dallas. I stayed overnight there before the drive to Lubbock where my next talk will be held.My talk to the West Texas Watercolor Society takes place today and I have a full week of workshops ahead.

I taught workshops in Lubbock for the first time last year and thats' when I first saw cotton fields. Miles and miles of "white blankets" against a clear blue skies which make for a wonderful painting. For me this is another wonderful advanatage to travelling. I gain new subject material for future watercolours. I see new colour combinations and fabulous texture ideas. My mind is constantly enriched and excited as to the thought of how I can utilise what I have seen when I next create.

 Cotton Fields,Texas 2013

I had never seen cotton fields before last year and had always imagined people picking the cotton arduously by hand years ago. Now the cotton is harvested by machine. These "snowy" looking cotton fields also often sit with a backdrop of wind turbines. Each time I have visited Texas the weather is hot and the sky is a bright,clear  blue.

 Cotton Harvest
Texas 2013

On the drive from Dallas I saw reddish mountains in the distance, gold corn coloured fields in the foreground  and even the traffic caught my eye.  Because even that is very different from the familar views I see on roads in UK. I even sat wondering how I would paint the silver and red from this scene ( image below )  in front of me on part of my journey.

 Traffic, Texas style
 Texas 2013

Everywhere I look I see new paintings constantly and my mind is working whether a brush is in my hand or not. Everyone who has already attended my workshops should know exactly what I am thinking when I look at this photo below. Artists from my Long Island workshop, what did you all say when I showed you an animal photo?

And a few questions for my blog  followers whether you have been to my workshop sessions or not. Look at the image below and think of "Jean Haines"  answers to the following questions.

What do you think when you look at the photo below?
Where is the "white paper"  in your composition?
What colours would you use to paint this fabulous dog?
Which techniques?

He met me when I reaced the Art Centre in Lubbock and as he was smiling too I just had to take his photo. He posed for my camera and seconds after this shot he rolled onto his back so that I could tickle his tummy.

Warm welcome in Lubbock
This beautiful dog raises some nteresting questions as a subject to paint.

I am going to have a wonderful time in Texas and look forward to giving my talk this afternoon.

I will add to my blog later this week to update my tour details and share what is happening whilst I am here in USA

I leave for Mexico next weekend to teach there as the last part of this tour. With a workshop in Dallas next Sunday.


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E Mc said...

Could you please list your basic pallet colors for me? I took a phone picture of them however it was blurry. Also I wanted to thank you for signing your wonderful book for me.

Ed Mc