Monday, 11 November 2013

West Texas Watercolor Society Demonstration 2013

"Flamingo Blush"

Last week I enjoyed taking workshops for the West Texas Watercolor Society. The courses  took place in Lubbock and local artists attended as well as visiting guests from other states in USA. These sessions have been fully booked since the last year when the dates were first announced.The first advanced course was for artists who had attended my previous workshop for the society. The second workshop was for artists new to my style of teaching and courses. 

During the second course, I demonstrated how to paint a flamingo using simple brushwork and vibrant colour. I have to confess the vibrant Daniel Smith Opera Pink is perfect for this subject and leaves other pinks in the shade. I had quietly demonstrated this subject for one artist but the group loved the result so much that I did a second painting so that everyone could enjoy how this magnificent bird was captured in watercolor. I never know what any one artist may ask me to paint on my workshops, as my style leads to all subjects rather than just one. The fun in my workshops is often the exploration into painting something completely new and this was my first ever flamingo painting. I am now certain there will be many more!

The week flew by but listening to all the enthusiastic feedback from the artists I know this visit was a huge success and as I left the familiar question arose.

"When will you be back?"

My answer is "As soon as I can be!"

I love Texas, and I obviously love Texans too!


Thank you to everyone who attended my workshops in Lubbock and a huge thank you to Karla who organises my art events there. And a huge hug to all my Texan friends too, you are wonderful!

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