Friday, 15 November 2013

Mexico 2013 Watercolour Tour

Annas Cat
Mexico Demonstration 2013

Mexico 2013
Watercolour Workshop

I completed my 2013 USA and Mexico tour this week with my final workshop taking place in Mexico City. I had agreed to visit after accepting an invitation last year. I honestly hadn't known what to expect and I had concerns at the class possibly not being able to understand my English. But with Claudia the organiser translating everything I said all went  very well. So well because everyone enjoyed my sessions so much that I have been eagerly invited to return and as soon as possible!

I always  give an introduction to my style on the first day of my workshops and this is followed by many demonstrations. The beauty of my technique is that I paint every subject with no restrictions. I get excited about colour and how it interacts to form patterns which in turn  create a painting.  I loved all the photographs everyone had brought with them to show me. I explain I prefer to work from life as much as possible but there are certain favourites that obviously you cannot bring to a class and even if you did would not sit still! Such as "Anna" the beautiful kitten owned by Kristina , one of the artists on the class.  Kristina was aiming to make her kitten appear out of a first wash she had created in my workshop. Her colours did not work well as a background which is vital to a successful outcome. I demonstrated how to paint a cats eye and work away from it to make the face appear, doing so without drawing attention away from the beautiful large kitten eye. I loved this demonstration so much and so did Kristina who now owns the completed painting.

My time teaching in Mexico passed far too quickly and as I handed out diplomas to each artist at the close of the final day I was given immensely warm hugs from everyone attending and yet again, I was eagerly invited to return.

This is a country of great hospitality, great warmth and incredible talent. I met artists of all levels and my heart has been touched more than once. I loved it here and to everyone who made this a hugely successful week I thank you with all my heart.

And to Claudia, a very special thank you for your insight and enthusiasm making this magical event occur.


My next workshop destination will be Italy although that course is fully booked. As are my UK 2014 workshops. I will be releasing details of my Australia 2013 tour shortly and I am currently working on the last details of my USA 2015 tour.


This has been a truly exciting year and I have much to share on my blog over the next few weeks when I return to UK. Watch this space!

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