Monday, 11 November 2013

SouthWestern Watercolor Society, Dallas, Texas 2013

Rose from yesterdays demonstrations for the 
SouthWestern Watercolor Society
Dallas, Texas

Yesterday I held a one day workshop for the SouthWestern Watercolor Society. I had been invited to hold workshops here on my 2013 tour but only had one day available which was a Sunday.  I hadn't expected such an overwhelming response to my visit from UK, but over lunch yesterday the society shared their news that as soon as my name and date was announced on their workshop programme my course was immediately sold out, with a closed waiting list for places. And it was a very full day.

My hosts  generously took me out for a meal the night before my art event and collected me from my hotel to drive the short distance to the venue. Here I set up and met  eighteen terrific artists who were all enthusiastic and looking forward to the day. For artists who have never attended my workshops before , I am sure my crazy way of introducing how I work and think can be baffling to witness at first.  But I love looking at the sea of faces while I paint in these demonstrations and I also love watching how subjects magically appear on paper during the creative process. Everyone was so delightful that I ran over in teaching time,minaly because no one seemed to wish to leave. To close my workshop I painted my, now, signature rose in a loose style. This has been a favourite subject of mine for more years than I can remember and, as a subject in my style, never ceases to please people watching it come to life.

This really was a flying visit to the SouthWestern Watercolor Society who have eagerly invited me back for a future booking when possible. I loved how artists yesterday were eager to sign up as soon as the possibility was mentioned. I  will be looking at my diary to see what can be done about this!

For now I owe a huge thank you to Pam and Mickey for constantly being in touch and making this unexpected day happen and a very huge thank you to every artist who not only attended yesterday but also made me feel so warmly welcomed. I loved y'all!


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Kat Farmer/van Hookens said...

lovely gentle painting :-)