Friday, 8 November 2013

Jean Haines Watercolor Workshops in in Texas 2013

 Prairie Dog Town 
Texas 2013

Today is the final  session of my two workshops in Lubbock ,Texas for the West Texas Watercolor Society. It has been a superb week starting with a talk for the society last Sunday followed by two fully booked workshops. The first workshop was an advanced session for artists who had attended my  previous course here in 2012. It was incredible walking into a room full of familar faces that welcomed me as an old friend. I loved it.The warmth and hospitality was  just out of this world. The excitement built up during the first day leading to the following where paintings just became even more vibrant and alive.  I had a break mid week and had a terrific time looking around the local area. I started my final workshop here yesterday. It shouldn't, but it does, surprise me how far artists travel to come to one of my sessions. There has been a great atmosphere  every single day, with the Art Centre overflowing with enthusiasm, energy and excitement for every new demonstration. Today I take the last of my workshops here before I head for Dallas where I meet the SouthWestern Watercolor Society in Dallas, for my next workshop there.

This tour is hard work as I am constantly packing and unpacking ,moving from hotel to hotel  and setting up in new venues. But I love it. I wouldn't miss this "adventure" for the world and am thrilled to be eagerly invited back to each 2013 venue, to hear that artists  have been enthusiastically trying to book in advance for my future trips and I really love the wonderful invitations that keep flooding in by email from Art Societies all over USA. Each wanting me to visit and hold workshops and give talks.

For now I msut head out to teach my last day here but I do so look forward to a return trip.

I will be in Mexico next week for the final stage of my 2013 USA and Mexico Tour.

Happy Painting!

What'yall looking at?


I will be replying to all the very kind and wonderful emails from artists who have attended my tour workshops as soon as i am home because I don't want to race each response!

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