Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Finding Time

Delphinium Blues

I am looking forward to my workshops in UK next week. But because I will be out of my studio for a period of time, I am fitting in this week the things I need to do to meet deadlines. I am often asked how I fit in so much. Well, for a start, at times like this I get up very early and start writing or painting when the world is still sleeping. I am not always able to work this way but I deliberately ensured I had free time this month to work on my book. I know the final photography session will take place in August and unless I have everything in place I will be behind in the lead up to its launch. This is something I cannot risk. 

I'm never sure that many non writers realise how much of your life you give up "time wise" to write. I tend to lose months of my life where I am locked into chapters in each book section. Then there are meetings and discussions plus photography sessions and they all take a great deal of time. Which I happily give because I love writing and shaing. But it is almost a full time job on its' own and often taking me away from my other commitments.

But at this time of day there is a quality of silence that is so magical. The phone will not ring. I will not be stopped to ask if I want lunch or coffee, which is quite nice really but at times it takes me away from my "flow".  I work peacefully, cut off from the world and always produce my best work.

And I love it.

I am very fortunate to have my own studio to create in. I know not everyone does. I hear so many artists saying they not only don't have time but they also don't have any one place to paint. If your art equipment is readily set up it is far easier and more tempting to use it. Putting brushes away is like having that kitchen gadget in a cupboard that is far too much effort to get out. Your own art space is a must.

So is inspiration!

I walk into my art studio each day armed with inspiration whether I am holding a flower to paint or have something in my mind that I want to write about. And it is this positive feeling that flows into my work. But I have had an unusual and welcome rest this Summer leaving me feeling rejuvenated and raring to go. Heaven help the artists on my sessions next week!  I have more energy than usual! I also have new ideas, colours and techniques to share and we are all going to have such a great time.

Which reminds me. I will be working on my 2015 UK Workshop Itinery next month and in September this information will be going out to everyone on my UK workshop email list. I am often asked why my workshops are fully booked. It is because artists book in advance so please, if you haven't added your name now is a great time to contact me on

There will be sessons especially for artists who have yet to attend a course with me. These are called " Opening Doors" and everyone in the room will be there for the first time. So please get in touch if you are not already on the email list!

Time to get back to writing and painting here!

Artist Tip for the Day? 
Have your own art space to paint and make time to use it!

Delphinium Shadows.


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