Saturday, 5 July 2014

USA 2015 Watercolour Book Signing Tour. UPDATE

USA 2015 Workshops Update
Within hours the interest in my 2015 USA  "new book" workshop and  signing tour has been incredible. California Workshops are already fully booked but we are looking into the possibility of my holding one extra session. I will update my blog if this happens.
For now there are places available in St Louis and West Virginia. I will share news on New York once the dates are confirmed.
Thank you to all the excited artists who got in touch so quickly. For artists yet to contact me for details please do so  by email  in order to  be put in touch with the organisers of each event.
Sonoma, California 
October 6th/7th,  2015  Workshop 1  FULLY BOOKED
October  9th/10th, 2015 Workshop 2 FULLY BOOKED
Art Society Book Signing/ Demonstration 8th October. 1-0 - 4.0 p.m

West Virginia
 October 15th/ 16th, 2015 Workshop 1
   October 19th/ 20th,  2015  Workshop 2

St Louis
October 24th/ 25th, 2015 Workshop 1
October 27th/ 28th, 2015 Workshop 2
Art Society Book Signing/Demonstration October 27th , 7.0 p.m.

New York
Dates to be confirmed.


dep51 said...

Jean, would you please help me. I am unable to access your Hotmail account to sign up for a workshop. Thank you so much.

Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Hi there, I am so sorry you are having problems. Are you on Facebook? Maybe you could send me a Private message and I can help you from there. Are you using the correct email address?