Monday, 7 July 2014

Landscapes in Watercolour

"Morning Mist"
Landscape inspired by the fields near our cottage

I woke this morning to gorgeous sunshine flooding into our cottage through the windows. As I walked to my studio I couldn't miss the stunning landscape of rural fields in morning sunlight . These are usually filled with horses or dog walkers.  But at this time of day the scene  seemed to belong to just me. I can fully understand why so many artists over time have been drawn to painting such gorgeous countryside. Influenced by nature.

Morning dew lay on the  surface of the field whilst a magical mist lay almost floating in mid air, under the canopy of the distant trees and hovering over the grass. Sunlight was touching the very tip of the top of the old tree at the top of the hill, now wearing its' glowing Summer foliage. Although I could hear birdsong not a bird was in sight. Or any of the many rabbits and hare that usually adorn the setting. The young fox that often looks back at me was missing, so maybe he was still fast asleep. In fact, it seemed the world was yet to awake. How calm, relaxing and so very beautiful.

It looked perfect and far too good to resist as an artist. So as soon as I reached my studio I painted the sight before my eyes. Peaceful morning mist.

The strange thing is, I was always known for painting landscapes. I loved sharing techniques and tips on how to paint beautiful skies and trees were a firm favourite subject too. I felt as though I was "going home" painting this piece and maybe I was.

Artist Tip For the Day
Paint what inspires you when it inspires you.

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Anne Marieke said...

I would love to see more of your landscapes.

Lovely work!
Anne Marieke