Monday, 10 August 2015

Kingfisher in Watercolour

 Kingfisher appearing in a new watercolour
Painted using my Jean Haines brush sets : Size 10 and Rigger 

I am so excited about filming a new DVD thsi week. I have so many subjects I can share and I have gone through all my favourites this afternoon selecting which would carry the most teaching value. I have a lot of requests to include my now popular kingfisher painting and it does seem like a very old friend to me now. I can't remember when I started painting these gorgeous birds but I know since childhood they have always fascinated me.

Years ago I only used one manufacturers watercolour product range. It wasn't until I started experimenting especially with Schmincke at first that I really felt I was getting somewhere with achieving the right colours to paint them. At least their orange chest. I think everyone who knows me or who has watched me demonstrate this little bird all over the world will know which orange it is. I should leave followers of my blog to guess its' name!

But then I fell in love with so many turquoise shades for their flash of blue feathers and of course Daniel Smith entered my art life and there was no looking back.  I was so in love with Daniel Smith Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine that I told the whole world about it! It combined perfectly to create my favourite wild  bird and demonstrations. It didn't matter where I was holding workshops. 

The kingfisher soon became the most popular. Taking over from my favourite cockerels. Although if I don't demonstrate a cockerel or a rose on my  courses I am soon asked to! When " Jean Haines World of Watercolour" as a book was merely an idea the cover painting was almost already decided. As I had painted so many kingfishers at this point in my career that I knew it would be loved. At least I hoped it would.

So my favourite colours are on my latest books' cover. But what will be on the cover of my new DVD? 
Something different? 
Or another kingfisher? 
There isn't much time to choose!

 Kingfisher Passion!
The cover of my latest book, my brush set and a new kingfisher painting.

In my latest book " Jean Haines World of Watercolour" I show brushwork and how to paint a kingfisher. Starting with the eye  and gradually working away from it.

 Starting point, here, was the small eye

Once the eye is in place the head can be painted, working away from the starting point. After that the body can begin to be painted. And the hint of a beak then added.

Building up a painting by adding the body and the hint of a beak

You can use this technique on any bird or subject. For me painting these beautiful birds is so relaxing. And  I have so many tips I can share whilst I am creating a kingfisher in watercolour.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I may paint yet another kingfisher or something completely new. We will see! But I will endeavour to make my new DVD as fascinating as possible!

Happy painting!


My brush sets can be purchased from Jacksons Art Supplies as well as my previous two DVDs.

Please note: I have just noticed that Jackson's Art Supplies are out of stock of my brushes again. This is due to their popularity so please have patience, new stock will be arriving soon. This is one of the reasons I closed my online sales web site page. I couldn't keep up with the demand for them! They are stunning brushes and perfect for working in watercolour. Easy to handle and a joy to paint with.


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