Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Experimenting With Yupo.

 Colour Flowing
Yupo Experiment

At the close of my studio day I had a break from working on my book and a large commission. I had been kindly given a sample of  Yupo paper and as it sat on my desk I couldn't resist playing with it.

I am a purist when it comes to watercolour. I disregard any product that doesn't have watercolour on it and prefer I refer to acrylics as mixed media. Not watercolour.  And I always paint on watercolour paper. 

But for fun today I made a chaage to my way of working and played with watercolour on Yupo. 
I must admit it really was a great feeling watching colours flow, interact and merge.

 Wonderful patterns created on Yupo using watercolour pigment and water.

I applied salt to see what happens.  And you can add washing up liquid to your water to increase the effects. Plus if you use a hairdryer you can encourage spectacular patterns.

I feel as though I have created the early signs of a field of autumnal grasses and seedheads. Maybe with the weather turning cooler in the last month of Summer my imagination has been influenced!

I like this experiment and will try again.
As I haven't finished yet. I intend to have more fun tomorrow!

 Field of Gold
Yupo experiment


If you wish to try an experiment too you can buy the product I used from Jacksons Art Supplies via this link. The product I used is called LanaVanguard.



a woman who is said...

That is way too much fun!!!

a woman who is said...

I thought peacock feathers. I am just now checking on the Seattle workshop, so excited for next spring!

Kay Lodahl said...

thank you for sharing the yupo project. I really need to give this a go as I have some papers. Was wondering what you might recommend to perserve your painting. It stays sticky for a long time....