Sunday, 16 August 2015

That Magical Moment

Dog coming to life in watercolour

It doesn't matter how long I have been painting or how many times I have painted a dog. But whenever I start a new pet portrait there is a fabulous point in the creative process when I feel the character I am working on leaps to life right in front of my eyes. 

I know many artists who work in my loose style understand how I feel. I have seen this happen time and time again on my workshops. The "Wow" moment that you cannot believe happens. One minute you are looking at a blank piece of paper. The next, with just a few touches of colour and encouraging brushstrokes something magical happens. Your subject starts to talk to you almost, as it appears on the paper.

I love the very early stages of a watercolour. When I feel as though I am literally breathing life into my work. With each whisper and gentle brushstroke I almost will the subject to life.

 And that magical moment happened on this piece. A new dog appearing in a new watercolour.

There cannot be a better feeling on earth than this.

I do wish everyone painted. Those who don't miss out on this exciting feeling!



corinne60 said...

thank you! :)

Dees said...

oh how I LOVE your dog paintings :-) and I absolutely had that magical feeling you described when I painted my dachsen Sprocket the other husband saw one eye appearing and said...that's him alright!...thank you so much for the inspiration!