Thursday, 27 August 2015

Horse Racing Commission

Section from a large painting for Ireland
Private Commission
( Copyright Jean Haines ) 

I have been offline for a number of reasons. But mainly because I accepted a commission which I don't usually do. I was contacted a little while back with a fantastic opportunity.  When first invited to paint the  commission my initial reaction was I don't have the time. I don't. I can't take anything else on at the moment. I have two exhibitions coming up and I am working on my new book.  At the time I was asked I had filming my new DVD in my diary plus a I had to make a trip to London regarding art products.

But then I looked at the image of what I had been asked to paint and fell in love. My heart flipped and that was that. 

I accepted the commission.

I think its' pretty obvious by now that I love painting action scenes with horse racing being my top favourite subject. I have now painted a wonderful collection of horse racing stars with Frankel and Black Caviar being my leading favourites. That is until now. My previous sold horse racing paintings are in collectors homes all over the world. This time my painting will be going to Ireland.

And so, I have shut myself away quietly working in my studio but must confess as I reach the last detail and brushstroke stage of an action painting I get very tired as I feel as though I am literally in the race. In my imagination, as I work, I  am often on the winning horse and the horses behind are catching up with every brush stroke which gets faster and faster as the painting develops. Sometimes I have to stand back from my work because when painting horse racing scenes the horses leap to life. So much so that I feel as though I may at any moment be mown down by them as they hurtle towards me.

This commission has been a sheer joy to work on and I am going to be sad when the painting is complete and on its' way to Ireland next week.

Sometimes as artists we have to follow our hearts and instincts. Mine screamed at me to paint this scene and I am so glad I did.

It has been a wonderful experience.



Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

I was so glad to get a glimpse of your racehorse. American Pharaoh, the triple crown winner here in the United States, has just arrived in our town, Saratoga Springs. He'll be racing in the Travers on Saturday, the mid-summer derby. Perfect timing for this horse fan! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Jennifer Branch said...

Amazing painting! I love the warm light on the horse. It looks like he's emerging into the sunlight to victory! Beautiful!