Monday, 3 August 2015

Meadow Sweet : Monday Feeling!

Meadow Sweet

I loved last weeks' workshops so much that the  happy high from being on them is still very much with me. I loved all the questions I was asked. All the problems that arose from hiccups artists try to overcome and most of all I adored sharing my new colour combinations and techniques for building up paintings.

I am on an art journey that is so very exciting and each step I takeI want to share with others so they may enjoy the path I am following but hopefully without the headaches of when things go wrong as they often can.

Simplifying is usually the best way to begin a painting session. Falling in love with the subject and glorious colour. And I find if you try to paint things that are different to your usual subjects your enthusiasm stays at an all time high. Walking my Bearded Collie this morning I came across meadow sweet. A fragrant wild plant that for some reason always reminds me of popcorn or candy floss. It is soft to touch and often stands above or nestles in other plants which surround it. I aimed  our morning walk towards a glowing field and that initially became my focus to paint on my return home but the meadow sweet stayed on my mind. And I loved capturing an interpretation of it in an almost abstract manner.

Meadow Sweet. Close up of my favourite section so far in this painting.

Thank you so much to every one who has sent gorgeous messages about last weeks workshops letting me know hwo much you enjoyed them. I will agree. Last week really was memorable and I can't wait for my next courses! These will be in USA as I am on tour heading for New York, St. Louis, Sonoma and West Virginia . Its' going to be very exciting!

For now I am loving playing with colour before my week begins on a serious note with a huge commission that I am working on.

Happy painting!


Please note: It is not too late to be included on my email contact list for UK workshops in 2016. Details will go out later this year and bookings are always on a first come first served basis. Please email me on for full information.


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