Sunday, 30 August 2015

Once Upon A Time : Badger in Watercolour

"Once Upon a Time"
Badger in Watercolour
Size 54 x 66 cms.
Part of a new collection of watercolours from my solo exhibition in September 2015

I am preparing my new collection for my next solo exhibition, which will be held at the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire UK. and have decided to include this new piece as there will be a variety of wildlife in my next show.

I must confess I find it hard to paint badgers. Not because of how they are as a subject because their shape or colouring. Their characters are wonderful. They seem inquisitive and almost mystical in that their nocturnal habits don't make them easy to observe unless you know where they are. And I do luckily. Watching in wonder near a badger sett as they appear, sometimes bathed in moonlight is truly a magical experience I feel privileged to have witnessed.

But for me hearing the news that the UK government is yet again ignoring all experts advise, even dismissing the independent panel they set up to look into the value of badger culling makes my heart sink. To form a panel and then when the results weren't in favour of  continued culling, to disband the same panel and then continue culling wildlife seems unbelievable. Try explaining that to a five year old. 

Why are badgers being killed? To prevent a disease in cows. I won't go into the lengthy debate here but yet again badgers, many healthy, will be slaughtered in UK in the upcoming badger cull. With not one being tested to see how many even carry the disease. The percentage that do is?. It seems as though the main objective of culling is simply to eradicate badgers. But I do need to ask one question. If every single badger was killed in UK would cattle still carry the Btb disease? If so what wildlife would be culled or blamed next?

To every artist who loves painting wildlife I feel it is our duty not to turn a blind eye. If we appreciate an animal passionately enough to capture it in art we owe it the decency of raising awareness when it is in trouble.

Badgers are supposedly a protected species in UK. Even though the Independent Panels finding gives the impression the previous culls were ineffective and inhumane I find myself posting yet another blog post and badger painting stunned that anyone in a position of power would give the go ahead to this continued slaughter.

Sometimes I wonder why humans feel they are the superior race. Because at times especially when it comes to animals we really have a lot to learn.


If you would like details of how to purchase this original badger watercolour please contact Jan at the Frame Gallery in Odiham, Hampshire.

Details via this link. 

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