Thursday, 14 January 2016

A New Romance : 2016


I have been given a very special request and that is to paint love.  At least that is how I see this beautiful project that I am currently working on.

This isn't just a painting of roses. It has to carry a feeling of love within it, which is being used with every single brushstroke flowing into the paintings creation.

I have shared this paintings' progress previously from an idea to this stage with soft gentle additions of detail and background colouring to enhance the main subjects. Two roses nestled side by side. One leaning on the other slightly with a connection between the two that forms a union that is completely unique. Like a young couple learning to lean on each other and depend on each other.

This painting represents life. It has new energy in it. From a new beginning of a blank piece of white paper waiting to be painted. Leading to this creation that has filled me with happiness each time I have worked on it. The sections where colour is missing represent hope of things to come.

Which is love, pure and simple

 As always I can find a painting within a painting. The cropped version below is beautiful too. So a single rose works well. But when you add the second rose, as in the composition above, together these flowers create harmony and a gorgeous unison that sings far better than whene there is just the solitary flower.

I am back in my studio painting and my head is filled with amazing scenes that I wish to create.

But what a wonderful first painting of 2016.

One filled with love.

Happy painting.


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Korona said...

Hi Jean. I just got your Atmospheric Watercolor book. I am wondering if you prepare your paper by wetting and taping down or if you just paint on the paper without any preparation. Love your paintings! Thanks!