Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Owl Returns!

Beak added to the owl I started painting yesterday

It was wonderful entering my studio this morning to see this owl in watercolour on my easel waiting as a painting to be completed. I am really glad I left it last night. I could easily see where the beak detail should be placed this morning and I have also hinted at the back of the head that was also missing yesterday. I have now added the opposite wing too bringing more of the birds body into view.

Waiting until you can see something with fresh eyes is always a good idea. Painting is like life. Sometimes a problem can seem absolutely enormous but after a good nights sleep it often doesn't seem quite so bad! With an easy solution in sight.

But this is where I will leave this painting today too. 

Because my brain is now screaming " Add the other eye" but actually with the angle of the head the second eye isn't that obvious in my resource image and I like the sense of mystery without it. I may add just a shadow here to hint at the other eye. Or not!

Decisions, decisions!
The owl as it was before I added further detail. 
Really soft and lovely as it is but it did need a beak adding!

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