Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Beatrix Potter: Inspiration

 "Simply Purrfect"

I love the news that Beatrix Potter has a newly discovered book being published this year. This was an author whose books were full of delicious illustrations and as I child I think these were my very first influence on my wanting to paint. I loved each animal character so much. There was a way they came to life when you read about their antics and so I felt inspired to paint a cat yesterday.

 I feel I should call this painting something more appropriate to act as a tribute to one of my favourite authors. But for  now its simply purrfect because Beatrix Potters work was!

 The Difference a Dot Makes !

If you look at the two images in this blog post you may at first not see any difference. But there is and it is tiny.

In the above image I have added a white highlight in the cats eye which gives a subtle illusion of life in the little pet pawtrait.  I have also added fine brushwork detail to the nose, whiskers and under the mouth to complete the painting.

Sometimes the tiniest of touches completes a painting making the artist feel happy when the viewer of the art at these two stages really doesn't notice. As they may like both versions of the same painting.

Heres' Tiddles! Minus final detail.

A link to the news feature regarding the book coming out this year.

And more about my favourite author and rabbit!

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