Thursday, 21 January 2016

A Positive Attitude

Roses on my Easel
Work in Progress

At the end of every painting session in my studio I always leave a work in progress on my easel that I know I can look forward to completing when I return. This means I leave in a happy state of mind, lighthearted and  with more than enough enthusiastim to pick up my brushes the next day.

I know "life" can often get in the way of our having peaceful and happy creative time. By making myself stop at the end of the day on a high , I find myself looking forward to painting again each time I put my brushes down.  Especially when a painting looks great during the creative process as stopping at this point consistently keeps me on a "painting high".

I'm hearing a lot of artists recently tell me they don't feel like painting, or they have lost their muse.

 I find working in this way stopping on a high when painting really helps me. So I thought I would share my " happy" routine.

Even if your paintings haven't worked out there is nothing to stop you just putting some favourite colours on a scrap of paper to close your painting session in order to lift your mood.

It works for me.

Try it!

Pretty roses in watercolour. A joy to paint and even more joyous to look forward to completing as a finished painting. 



veredit - isabella kramer said...

I try it since weeks and it works so very perfect!!
Thanks a lot for sharing your positive energy with us.

xx, isabella

rigmorgrudd said...

Thank you. I will try your tips to leave a painting on my easel that will make me want to paint as soon as I see it. Your roses are so beatyful. I love them and have tried to paint some. Have a great weekend!

De said...

Great advice. My muse has gone walkabout.

De said...

Great advice. My muse has gone walkabout, and it happened about the time I started teaching!