Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Narcissi 2016

 Spring Dance
Work in progress

How lovely. As I walked into our local small florist this morning I noticed my favourite spring flowers to paint were on sale. I hastily selected a bunch and treated myself to these heavenly scented flowers.

Back in my studio I grabbed a piece of white paper and studied my "treasure" !

I started by painting blue outlines to a few of the flowers . Adding green for stems and yellow mixed with orange for the tiny flower centres. My heart relaxed as if I was visiting an old friend because I paint these every year.

I love the atmosphere in this first stage. Its' delightfully moving.

 First stage capturing the energy and life of the flowers

 The stems in reality are more of a blue than green but I'm adding a touch of yellow to them to bring instant sunshine to my painting. Which is much needed as it is pouring down with rain here and very cold outside!

I am so happy to be painting Spring flowers again! 

Light and cheerful!


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