Thursday, 21 January 2016

Ready For Spring 2016

"Spring Medley"
Copyright Jean Haines
Spring Flowers in Watercolour

We have had daffodils flowering in our garden since early December last year. In fact many spring flowers have impatiently bloomed here during the winter months including primroses and cowslips. There is so much talk about climate change as the seasons roll into one another.
For me , I see each new year as a wonderful, huge, white piece of paper that is waiting to be painted. Just like those spring flowers far too eager to wait for better weather to arrive I too am eager for the year ahead. I have taken time out to enjoy being with my family over Christmas and I also needed some quiet time to recharge my own batteries after all the hard work I had put into my workshops, writing and exhibitions in 2015. Before I leapt into action in 2016 I wanted some time to reflect on what I want to achieve over the next twelve months. I actually thought I did know but I have been reading incredibly touching emails from artists who have either read my books on watercolour or attended my watercolour workshops. Each kind and inspirational comment has made me want to give more at a time when I felt I should sit back to paint on my own.

As much as I adore teaching I have to confess, as any teaching artist knows, it takes valuable time away from our own personal art journey which I have been putting on hold for some time. For example, it is now three years since I submitted to any Art Society Annual Show due to lack of time. Beautiful paintings I have created have been in my solo gallery shows, which to me is important as they represent me throughout the whole year. And wonderfully so with collectors now buying my art from all over the world.

And so I juggle my time between painting, exhibiting, writing and teaching. I made a personal decision to work this year on workshops but next year I will take more free time for myself to pursue experimenting and to enjoy studio time. Without travelling or teaching so much. But if this year is anything to go by I know I will change my mind by 2017!

My 2016 UK watercolour workshops are fully booked but the good news is the wait lists are currently still open in case of cancellations so if you aren't on my UK workshop list please contact me urgently. My 2016 USA workshops are also fully booked but a new course has opened in Lake Tahoe and this is the only location that still has places thanks to the wonderful organiser who tempted me to add an extra session due to their popularity.

But right now I am going to paint up a storm and share on my blog, hopefully inspiring  and sharing smiles because it is so good to smile!

Roll on Spring and roll on all those gorgeous new subjects to paint too!

Happy painting



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Pat Wolfson said...

Thank you for this ray of sunshine and for sharing your talent and time! So looking forward to the Portland workshop...bring your raingear☔️☔️☔️