Wednesday, 17 March 2010

David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2010

  "To Who"
An original watercolour by Jean Haines 
( Unfinished )

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Apart from enjoying a great painting session in my studio I also had some very exciting news. I have had to read the message several times to fully take in its contents.One of my paintings has been selected and is on the shortlist for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year Exhibition 2010 which will take place at the Mall Galleries in May this year.

I am not sharing the original painting until the date of the event as this way it can be seen at the same time as the show.

I cannot begin to explain how thrilled I am.

 I have seen and exhibited with so many fantastic wildlife artists who work in so many mediums. Their light and talent shines. My style is so very different in that I know detail is often far less. Also much is left to the viewers imagination in most of my paintings.Which is why I hesitated when it came to deciding whether to  submit or not. But my decision was made mainly to help raise  funds for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation.

To learn I have been selected to the shortlist is such a terrific feeling.

I am so very excited at the prospect of being in an exhibition with so many incredible artists including David himself whose work leaves me in complete admiration. His understanding of every subject he paints is  evident. He has the ability and skill to capture each one with so much  life along with a feeling of taking you there into the scene which is so inspirational. But what David has achieved  in his career goes far beyound wielding a brush and creating exciting art. David Shepherd is making a difference in the world of wildlife as you can see from this web site..

To host this  annual event to encourage artists to participate in a way that will also raise fundsto help is surely an incredble accomplishment. I am happy to have helped with my exhibition submission fee and I hope to help even more.

We can all help. 

This link shows ways in which you too can be involved.
Tiny little actions grow into so much more. So however small you feel your contribution is bear in mind how much good it could be doing.

The beginning of  " Too Who" the owl painting at the  beginning of this blog entry. 
Making a difference to a white piece of paper, a small starting point.


If you are in London in May please come to the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010 Exhibition. Apart from seeing some  fabulous paintings and creations you will be doing so much more. You will be supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and reaching out in ways you may never thave expected to.

Happy Painting!


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Ady said...

Congratulations Jean!! Wonderful news indeed! Looking forward to seeing your painting.