Friday, 26 March 2010

Farnham Arts Society Spring Exhibition 2010

Blue Champagne
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines
Voted Peoples Favourite at the FAS Annual Spring Exhibition 2009

Tomorrow is the hand in day for the Farnham Arts Society Annual 2010 Spring Exhibition. Members will be arriving with their work and hoping the judging panel will accept their pieces for this prestigious event.

As an Arts Society Farnham boasts some incredible members. Artists who regularly exhibit in the London Mall Galleries exhibitions such as the Society for Woment Artists, The Royal Society of Painters in Watercolour and many more. 

Membership for the society is open to artists of all levels. However to become an exhibiting member candidates are required to submit pieces for a selection process which is held  twice annually. Once accepted the exhibiting member is entitled to submit work for the societies events. This does not automatically mean they will have work accepted at the Spring Show.This simply gives you the right and entitlement to submit.

The Farnham Arts Society Annual 2010 Spring Exhibition is always worth attending as it has a huge variety of art on show.  The judging panel which changes each year will need to select pieces that they feel  meet the standard of the society.Every artist  will be deciding what to submit and by now should have their have their work prepared following the  guidelines for submission.

The hand in day could be a TV drama in so many ways or at least a book. Once the doors for hand in are officially open the artists arrive with their work. There will be the well seasoned professional casually walking in with their work completely relaxed as they have done this a million times before. There could be the " You are so lucky to have  a painting from me in this show  " character, we all know one!  There will be the new exhibitor who has just gained exhibiting status where this moment has been long awaited. Their excitement is the best to witness and it is an achievement to be recognised. Sadly there will be also be the odd few who always seem to miss reading the rules even years after exhibiting. There will always without fail be those nervously taking work in hoping they will not be rejected.
So two words hit me this morning.

Rules and Rejection.

Which I am going to post about on another blog entry!


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