Saturday, 20 March 2010

A Tribute to : Kaye Parmenter

 Poppy Explosion
Original Watercolour in Progress by Jean Haines

A Tribute to : Kaye Parmenter
First in a series of Tributes which I hope will bring smiles to all who not only read these blog entries but star in them also. 

The one fact I am sure of in life is that it isn't about us. It isn't about what we want nor is it only about what we want to achieve. It is about others. People around us on a daily basis  who touch our hearts in some way or whose hearts we touch. I meet so many fascinating people on a daily basis and I know I am so lucky to do so. My world is full of  incredible friends from all over the world who mean so much to me as I to them. We give, share and stay in touch. Little things mean more than the big things and our value in life is a priority in quality in all we do.

And I am going to embarass one of my wonderful friends who I only know from meeting online a few years ago.

Kaye Parmenter.

I first met Kaye when I ran a watercolour site which wasn't a brilliant idea on my part. As much as I loved sharing and teaching there I had no technical skills to manage the site. It also took far too much of my creative time. But Kaye and other lovely members stayed in touch and I recognised in her all that time ago something so very special. She has more than talent. Her warm personality shines and  I suppose this is why we connected so strongly. Over time Kaye has quietly turned to me for advise and I have watched as she has grown so much that she is flying in her own right but not simply by painting.

 Kaye is shining because of her heart and what she does with it. Kaye recently  staged an exhibition for Help the Heroes and this morning I now hear she is helping Great Ormond Street with a painting too.

You can find her wonderful art on this  link to her web site. What I suggest is you notice the softness in her style? They say our personalities show in our approach to painting. I am relaxed and happy, my aim always is to allow others around me to be happy too. In all of Kayes paintings I see this quality. The quality of loving and being loved.
Kaye for all you do I congratulate you. Your watercolour journey is incredible so far but I know you are still at a stage where you have so much to look forward to ahead of you.  I wish you joy, luck and success in  all you do

Well done Kaye.
At the beginning of this blog I mentioned life isn't always about us, it is about others...Kaye  knows this so well and  is a wonderful example or reaching out via our art.



Kaye Parmenter said...

Oh Jean, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much, it's not like me to be speechless lol!!! And the fact that you have posted the poppy painting, means the world (xx).

You are a very important part of my art journey and the fact that you are so generous with your help and inspiration is truly appreciated, not just by me but probably by many others too.

For me painting is not just putting the brush to paper, it has given me the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people who have changed my perspective on life - the charity work just increases this feeling beyond words.

Thank you again Jean x


Helen said...

A lovely tribute indeed Jean and well deserved!!