Sunday, 23 May 2010

Echos of Purple

Wisteria From an Experimental Wash

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the garden and  simply played with colour. I was inspired by the wisteria which  is growing on the walls of our cottage. From a distance all you really can make out is pendular forms in brilliant shades of purple.

I had spent  most of the day gardening and planning a new section of one main flower bed. To sit and rest with my brushes in my hands was heaven. I listened to birdsong and took in the scents from all the flowers in bloom around me.

 I had placed a large piece of paper on some board for ease while working and allowed the colours to merge. Some Asian brushtrokes were really helpful for certain outlines and as the sunshine was so strong  some sections dried faster than others.This gave me a great opprtunity to work with salt at a much faster speed than normal minus the drying time. I could see and control the texture effects by careful placing and amounts used.

 A small individual wisteria flower shape appears out of a block of colour in the background wash simply by painting negative shapes.

Before the salt is removed this image shows how it was placed to create patterns and texture illusions. I can easily see the flower  shape in sections here also. The texture in this piece is  so beautiful  when seen off screen.

I am  relying on my time spent with a Shanghainese artist who gave me such insight into how movement with a brush, flow of  water and placement of colour can say so much with so very little.

This experiemantal session was never aimed at achieving a painting to frame. It was aimed at having fun with colour and unwinding after a  wonderful days gardening and designing. The result is really pleasing but  by chance rather than by deliberate thought!

I am  drawn to the lilac flowers now! 

It is seriously going to be a fabulous Summer!

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jane minter said...

hi jean ..beautiful mass of wisteria .i love what has happened in the experimential wash ...the ox daisies above are so vibrant and fresh with the fresh blue like "seaweed" texture ..enjoy the DWF opening the collection of paintings look incredible .