Saturday, 22 May 2010

How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour DVD

An Exciting Week.

Time is flying by with so many wonderful experiences happening that it is difficult to keep my feet firmly on the ground lately. Sitting on a computer to share events and keep up with news about so much that is happening is almost impossible. This last week has been more special than any other in my life for so many reasons. Starting from Monday to this weekend an incredible chain of events has occurred that has left me feeling as if my life is definitely a  fantastic dream. I will share each event as time allows but the main news many friends have been waiting for is that yes, I have agreed to a DVD to accompany my book.

Getting There !

I was approached by several contacts to create one but this week saw me driving over three hundred miles for a screen test and basically to see if this is where I was wishing to move forward. It was a big decision for me as everyone who knows me well will  be aware that for some reason I hate having my photograph taken. So for me to agree to sit in front of a camera to produce a DVD seemed laughable. I am aware that I am actually going to have to be in it not just my hands!

The Studio

With a recent move,exhibitions and art events on the horizon including  watercolour workshops and demonstrations I was concerned I could manage to fit one more thing in. But the day of the screen test arrived and I made my way to the studio where the DVD would be filmed. The room was full of cameras at every angle to get as many great shots as possible of artists in action. I took my place and started to paint. I surprisingly found myself relaxing and simply doing what I love doing best of all which is painting.

Overcoming Obstacles.

But there is so much to learn about being behind the camera for a DVD. It really isn't just about painting a scene and allowing everyone to follow you as in a workshop. You need to connect with people you can't see. People who hopefully will buy the end product and enjoy what you are choosing to share.When you demonstrate to an art group you have reactions from everyone watching. Questions are eagerly raised and you recieve feedback on what is flowing from your brushes.The " wow" comments always encourage you to share even more. Laughter is vital to a great session as then you know  everyone around you is totally relaxed.
Talking  solely to a camera the task at hand seemes very daunting.

So THATS what I look like!

After the short shoot we watched how I had done.This was really an unusual experience as it is the first time I have watched myself in action and I was mesmerised how an image comes to life so freely on paper. This sounds crazy but I think I am going to look forward to seeing the finished DVD when it is available as much as anyone else! I actually made myself feel as though I wanted to race home and paint!

This is for YOU!

I hadn't even considered creating a DVD. I was so happy with the fact my dream had come true about writing a book but  I am now recieving so many requests I feel I am letting everyone down if I don't make one. So for everyone who has asked me .this DVD is really for you, not me. I hope you smile when you see it knowing how nervous I was at the thought of making it and I hope my personality comes across as well on film as it does in a workshop!

Wish me luck as the filming takes place in June and the DVD will be out at the same time as my book.



Lisa Viger said...

Video can be intimidating! Making it anyway ... I don't mind so much how I look, but I've yet to get used to how I sound ... How awesome that you're making a DVD ... looking forward to when it's available!

Billie Crain said...

This is great news, Jean! I would rather watch a DVD and see you in action. I seem to learn better that way.

A Brush with Color said...

Oh, congratulations! That is excellent! I've ordered your book and I would love to see the DVD, so best of luck with that. That's awesome! Can't wait.