Sunday, 23 May 2010

Watermarks in Pink

 Pinks Appearing From a Gentle First Wash.

I have always been fascinated with flowers ever since living with my Grandparents as a child. My Grandfather was a keen gardener and his display of  brilliant colour was often admired by many. He planned each section as the most talented of artists. Colour, shape and perfume play heavily  on my mind when I design a garden. When I paint flowers I try to capture not only the illusion of their essence but I also want the viewer to imagine they can sense their scent when looking at each painting.

When we moved to this cottage I knew I would adore planning the flower beds. The first flowers on my list to plant were roses which everyone knows I adore painting. Then pinks because of their sweet  fragrance,lilac and wisteria because of their intriguing form. These are already now planted as well as delphiniums and hollyhocks. I know I have a wonderful Summer ahead painting  every flower I see.

However this morning in the peaceful early silence I sat and  painted a small study from a bouquet that was given to me the day we moved in. Delicate hues of pink formed a circle of soft colour in places almost disappearing in brilliant sunshine.

I gently dropped water onto my paper and then allowed  heavily diluted pink to radiate alone to form petals. Adding a few details by stronger colour at the edges or centre along with a bud hit by light really was a relaxing way to spend a few minutes before my day begins.

  Watermarks Forming Delicate Petals. Simple and Beautiful.

These morning paintings always fill my heart with joy. I know they will lead me to a new collection of Summer Scents. Each new day  brings that extra feeling of excitement as I wander around the garden looking for new subjects to experiment with.
Life is wonderful!


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