Thursday, 27 May 2010

Soft Reflection

"Soft Reflection"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

I have been approached by two new galleries and at the moment find myself in the process of  painting new collections so that each gallery is representing my  style with a variety of subjects. It is amazing how my versatility seems to appeal because I am never tied to one alone. My owls have become collectible and I have been trying to paint myself one for a while now.

Just before my recent move I delivered a painting of three baby owls to a local gallery to be framed for our new home. As the painting had developed I had fallen in love with the piece and knew it was one to keep. It had that special something about it which artists recognise from time to time. Having selected the frame and  left the gallery I was taken aback to find my phone ringing the minute I walked into my new home. Within minutes a collector of my work had seen the baby owls and wanted to buy the piece even though it was not for sale. The painting hadn't even made it to a gallery wall or my home. I found myself in a quandary because I felt  really torn about letting this painting go. I  decided to take time out to think about it and finally came to the decision if it was genuinely loved that much it deserved to be sold. I know the collector already has several of my favourite paintings so this felt right. The gallery were delighted.

And so this week I found myself  starting a new collection of owl paintings and one again I have fallen in love with. But a  new gallery is opening and they  would like some special pieces to celebrate. This one is indeed special.

I have been reflecting how my life is changing as an artist and how much I have experienced over the last twelve months especially. All the time every day I enter my studio with a feeling of  fresh excitement regarding what I will be painting. I still  have no commercial desire to race a piece or meet  "demand". In fact I take even more time thinking about letting go of each painting at the moment because I want them to leave my studio with the knowledge each brush stroke did indeed make a difference.

" Soft Reflection" will leave my studio for a new  home and on reflection from this piece alone I have learned so much. Each painting in my life has an emotional value and is part of my watercolour journey. Learning when to let go is important in so many ways not just  via the brush. Moving forward at the right pace and time is vital too. I know I am " letting go" and "moving forward" at the right time and pace.

And I look forward to my owl paintings of tomorrow but have loved each one as they have appeared. Maybe sharing on a blog is a good thing in that it gives us all time to reflect on why we paint,what we paint and the outcome of our actions!



Lindsey said...

umm... holding on and letting go... both good at the right times and are great lessons. I love your owls, such expression. thanks for sharing

jane minter said...

he looks very gentle ... the three owls i saw framed whilst at the workshop looked incredible jean ... must be a difficult decision to let go of certain paintings.