Tuesday, 18 January 2011

No Turning Back

"Bridge Of Sighs"
First Stages
Building a landscape with no initial preliminary sketch.

I am working on my second book and really loving every second of exploring ideas to make this  an exciting and inspirational must have for artists of all levels. I have spent years looking at known watercolour techniques so at the moment I am looking at new ideas and approaches to a variety of subjects.

Old Buildings have always fascinated me and used to be an area I worked in while travelling and living in a number of countries. Light plays such an important role in bringing static subjects to life and use of clever colour combinations.

So this week I am studying my resource images from Venice and using my imagination to bring  a familair scene to life in a way that could be effective for a dreamy atmosphere.

The "Bridge Of Sighs" is an emotional location in Venice. Years ago many who crossed this bridge never returned to see their families or loved ones again.

Right now I am simply dropping colour in places to see if I can achieve what is in my mind. An illusion of time. It will be really interesting to see where this journey into colour and emotion as a subject leads me.


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cheryl said...

I so love your blog's Jean, the way you express your thought's,idea's and how you share so much,another creative skill that you have,it's not easy to put all of this into word's and thank you for taking the time,I really look forward to reading them and being inspired and motivated.