Thursday, 20 January 2011

"Bridge Of Sighs"

"Bridge of Sighs"
Evolving as a watercolour and beginning to take shape as a painting.

My first week in my studio of 2011 has seen me  painting for exhibitions, preparing for workshops and projects next month along with replying to a large number of emails from my having been away recently for almost three weeks in Asia.

In between major paintings I have allowed myself time to work on a study of the "Bridge Of Sighs" which is a valuable process in that it opens my mind to new possibilities on how to approach a favourite subject. And life!  Taking my time to enjoy every single brushstroke has taught me so much about not only this painting but how much can be missed if we continually race everything we do and every where we go. It's been a touch of heaven to just add colour in small sections to this painting when the mood takes me. I have loved every second and thought behind each addition.

Those who follow my workshop schedule will already know I am holding a special workshop in February 2011 called "Beating the Blues".  In this session there will, as always, be a few surprises for those attending. I am looking forward to the day because I know it's going to be an inspirational event that will have everyone racing for their brushes long after the session has ended. Including me!

For many artists  of all levels finding the motivation to paint can sometimes be a problem. To others there is a lack of excitement or spark in how they feel about their work. To some who adore painting an added boost once or twice a year is a great treat and incentive to create watercolours that are unique and successful.

This is why each year I put together a workshop programme that hopefully is really magical, unique and appealing. Each day is an occasion to not only look forward to but know before you arrive the outcome will be that you are you painting non stop over the months following with both enthusiasm and passion. The emotions I feel when I  pick up my brushes or start a new painting session.

And now having typed this blog entry I can't wait to  pick up my own brushes and see what I can create today. I can already see singing clear colours full of life in my mind. And I have a choice of so many wonderful subjects to paint.

How great life is as an artist!

Close up of the play of light on the foreground wall in the " Bridge of Sighs" painting. 
The sunshine hitting this section really does make the colour sing and create very pretty patterns and effects when they dance upon the architecture.


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