Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Creative Journey.

 Inspired by frangipani, watercolour painting from yesteryear.

I always think a new year is a great time to  reflect on paintings from previous years to see how far you have come. Unless we know where we are going to we have no hope of getting there. In life we often make plans when we travel of where we are heading, how to get there and what we will see along the way.

When we paint many pick up a brush, briefly think about what they wish to achieve and literally "set off" with little throught to the importance of the creative journey.

So while all my friends have been making wonderful New Years resolutions mine has simply been to enjoy every step of the way in 2011. I am going to look back at the highlights of 2010 and build on those to make my next year even more exciting. Many of those highlights have been donating  favourite paintings for charity and I start  in the next two months by doing just that. I will share more details about the events later on but for now I really am so eager to get my brush moving.

While travelling in Thailand I saw the most beautiful frangipani tree and the scent from the heavenly  blossoms was absolute bliss. I may start my week with simple brushwork to aim to capture their beauty and keep their image alive in my mind. In a  heartbeat I will be sat once again in the incredibleThai garden with sunshine on my shoulders and beauty around me in every direction that I look.

A far cry from the English scenery that at the moment is looking very grey from my studio window!

Happy Painting
.....and don't forget to plan your creative journey whether it is for a painting, a year or a lifetime!

I am working through many messages since my return from Asia so please bear with me if you are waiting for a reply. News on 2011 workshops and projects will follow soon.

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cheryl said...

wonderful pearls of wisdom as ever Jean.I so love reading your thought's,inspirational is the word every time for me.I hope your away time has been invigorating and refreshing for you it sound's
like you have had an amazing time.So pleased you are back full of wonderful images to paint can't wait to see the result's.Here's to this year.