Monday, 31 January 2011

Nearly Spring 2011

Primroses : A new Spring Collection of Watercolours.

Now the clusters of primroses are really bursting to life in my cottage garden it is impossible to walk  by and not admire their beauty.We still have chill winter weather and yet these tiny flowers give  everyone hope that sunshine is on the way when the warmer seasons arrive.

Small clumps of  primroses in one flower bed nestle beneath where the summer delphiniums will flower later this year.So unlike in a natural wild woodland setting I have a backdrop alternative for colour combinations and choices. Hence the vivid blue in the top right corner of this new painting.

I have several  really beautiful washes which I started last week all tempting my brush and begging to be completed. And so I start this week with gentle colour which will pull me into the more dramatic subjects  as the week progresses.

It is truly incredible how art can  raise our spirits or calm our souls at times. There are many benefits  to being an artist and I am starting my week with quiet, peaceful soft colour to relax after a hectic weekend.


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