Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Primrose Fever 2011

Primroses 2011

Sometimes as an artist you become totally fixated with a subject. As fast as you complete one painting you  imagine a million other ways to paint the same thing improving in your mind the composition,selection of colours used and placement of  brushstrokes.

This time of year when Spring is approaching I seem to get the bug for painting  spring  flowers. After the cold winter months painting from life in or out of my studio is an absolute delight. My palette changes as each season arrives. I have now  leapt from using strong bold dynamic pigment to embracing soft gentle washes in pastel colours to herald the spring.

This effects my mood which is light, carefree and full of hope for the wonderful months ahead. So if my mood is light and carefree this will be evident in my paintings.The essence and spirit of each new primrose painting is so uplifting. I am loving the creative process so much so that I can't wait for each new day to begin another painting or complete one from yesterday.

I am so content and  wishing for nothing more than long days  to paint with no distractions other than long walks with my Bearded Collie, Bailey, to gather new resources to work from!


Often in a watercolour of mine you can  imagine you see something that is not really there. In the top  right corner of the above painting there is a shape  that looks as though it could be a cross. This  could be even more defined with further brushstrokes to make this a wonderful Easter card. But I think I would prefer to leave it as a magical symbol to allow blessings to be held within the painting.When it is sold it can then bring good luck to its' new owners.

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bazza said...

I love the 'negative painting' effects in this picture. Have you used salt in the lower section? It's lovely.
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