Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Top 50 Watercolor Blogs

Top 50 Watercolor Blogs

 " Lucky" 

How wonderful to learn I am included in a selection of Top Watercolour Blogs. Thank you so much Lisa for letting me know and to everyone who loves watercolour as much as I do there are some amazing blogs via this link to  enjoy! 


Beauty By Way of Water and Paint: The Top 50 Watercolor Painters Blogs 

"Remember that row of plastic paint you used to decorate a sheet of paper in grade school? Well, forget it. Watercoloring has taken on a whole new meaning since then. Artists now have the capacity to create unique works of art using them from nature’s beauty to abstract pieces.
What sets watercolors apart from other mediums, such as oil painting, is that the paints are water soluble. However, it isn’t as easy to spot a watercolor painter’s blog on the internet as it is to distinguish one of their works from the others. To make it simpler, we have gathered the top 50 watercolor painter’s blogs below. They are authored by professionals, teachers, and even students of the art and are loaded with tips, art, and much more to satiate any watercoloring itch."



Lynx said...

Well deserved, I think.
I only discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago, but absolutely love it. Your paintings are inspirational - but also think your write-ups about them are great. I always look forward to seeing a new upload coming up on the blogs I am following.

By the way - love the cat (and the anenomes and .....!)


Jean Haines SWA said...

Thank you so much Lynn. I often share what I am working on with little thought to who may be reading my blog or not. I just love watercolour and hope to share my passion in a way that inspires others to love the medium as much as I do. I am recieving some wonderful emails from all over the world letting me know how much my work is enjoyed which is really touching.

To be selected amongst such wonderful artists on the blog list is such a beautiful compliment and very encouraging to share even more in the futrue.

Thank you so much for your reply and I hope you enjoy my future posts too,its lovely to know you are reading them,

Have a great weekend