Thursday, 10 February 2011

Coming to Life With Colour

 Christmas Roses  coming to Life in a First Wash
No masking fluid has been used to preserve the white paper.

It is February, the second month of the year and I am ensconced working in my studio with the sudden realization I have four exhibitions to prepare for. This sounds rather daunting but two are Art Society Exhibitions where I will need only four paintings and the other two are both a solo show. I have gradually been placing favourite paintings to one side making decisions on whether or not they will be in my book or  framed in preparation for galleries to exhibit later this year. Unfortunately as it is Spring and I am arranging a few rooms in our cottage  I keep having a problem with discovering new " favourites" which I don't wish to sell!

I have some stunning new horse racing scenes and a few surprise subjects that will wait to be unveiled when the exhibitions run. Last year saw my paintings selling really well with many subjects seeming to be sought after. This knowledge could turn me into a commercial artist who paints knowing what will move from a gallery wall and what won't. But I am staying with my instincts and painting from my heart as it dictates to me.Which means an apology to all my cat watercolour lovers as I haven't a single cat painting anywhere at the moment as they have all sold.

Right now I am in love with hellebores and enjoying creating wonderfully vibrant washes  around the shapes of these gorgeous flowers. Each new wash as always is more alive and exciting than the last.

I think another subject has finally taken over from my addiction to painting primroses at last!


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