Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Thirst For Perfection

Spring is in the Air

 "Springing To Life"
Latest watercolour  painting  of primroses awaiting the final touches.

Something happens when I paint. I am sure it is the same for most artists. I  get a very heady buzz of excitement when something magical happens especially with new colour combinations and fabulous watercolour effects.You always know in your heart when you are on the right road to discovery and you also always know when a great painting is about to appear. It may not always be great in anyone elses eyes but in your own you are thrilled with the prospect of a gorgeous result. I really am with this new painting as I have played with the light here greatly.

This week I have experimented with many washes for capturing primroses in watercolour. Each  new piece became more exciting than the last but each led me to yet another painting that I knew could be even better. The inevitable thirst for perfection has hit me. I am well aware that in life not everything is perfect so small flaws are not only acceptable but they can at times make a watercolour look even more beautiful. But I want more than just a painting to frame and hang on a wall. I want to tell the whole story of Spring in my work. I want a sense that each flower can move or be touched by the viewer to feel the silky soft delicate petals. More than anything I want an element of sunshine in some of the sections. In this latest piece I have movement,excitement,drama with the colour combinations and blooms coming to life 

Am I content?

I will be when I can get painting this morning in my studio as a zillion ideas are now flying around my mind on how I imagine the next  primroses paintings to appear.

Life is certainly magical as an artist. I am very much alive, rejuvenated and feeling so young because Spring is a time for new life. 

And of course, many  beautiful new paintings.

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Brotesdeternura said...

Me encanta esta serie. Esta pintura especialmente ya que lo que mas me atrapa de tus pinturas es la síntesis perfecta con que las resuelves. Mi pregunta es cómo sabes cuando detenerte y no continuar al nivel de detalle? Gracias por compartir tanto talento.