Friday, 18 February 2011

Town House Films : New DVD


On set,  filming  my new DVD with Town House Films.
Steve shows me the ropes and puts me in the picture literally!

Last year I was approached by Town House Films to create a DVD. I already know the work of many wonderful artists on their list which includes stars in watercolour such as Shirley Trevena and Charles Reid. I was thrilled to receive the request and after discussing the project a date was set. So this week my blog has been quiet because I have travelled making the three and a half hour drive to Norwich for the filming.

Loading my car with all my materials was one thing but setting off on the drive was another. At times like this I consider the amazing artists from all over the world who fly or drive to attend my workshops. This is my way of saying thank you and making my sessions more obtainable to those who live far away and cannot get to me in U.K.  Also I hop emy DVD will be invaluable for those who would prefer to follow me in the comfort of their own homes and at their own pace.

The evening I arrived in Norwich I met the owners of this incredible company and immediately knew I was in the hands of experienced professionals. They are wonderfully knowledgeable and a delight to work with. The morning dawned for the first filming session and I was duly attired with a microphone and guided on which camera to look at and talk to for the opening of each demonstration. I must admit it did feel very wierd talking to absolutely no one other than the black box in front of me recording my every move. In workshops I often react to live feedback. I also love the reactions of audiences when I give presentations.  Filming is different as you could feel alone but with the Town House Film team present everything just fell naturally into place.Apart from that once I have brushes in my hand I am so happy I forget everything else. Luckily I did remember the need to talk out loud through my every move and decision!

My style is very different as there are no pencil lines to guide me. Only my  feelings for colour placement and brushstrokes which makes each subject come alive with a unique result. So there can't be "set" rehearsals or too much preparation beforehand. This could kill the spontaneity of my style which is what I so want to share. During the sessions we had time in this film to cover several of my favourite subjects including a few extras. I will let you discover what is in the film when it is launched in the near future.

However we looked closely at my techniques with wonderful close ups to give an accurate insight into how I work. Time flew by and before I knew it the words "It's a wrap" were hailed so it was time to again load my car again and return home. Everyone was so wonderful I actually found it very hard to leave!

There will be many friends reading my blog in astonishment because I haven't told a soul about this new project apart from a few who have encouraged me quietly behind the scenes. I will admit it has been a little difficult keeping this a secret but I have been so busy with several new ventures that I haven't had much free time to share all my news this year.

Town House Films .....a brilliant team!

I will share news when my DVD becomes available. You can also keep updated via this link where you can discover more about the incredible range of films available from this superb company.
This was definitely a week I will always remember!


bazza said...

I looked at several of the trailers on their website and they seem like a pretty good standard to me.
I hope yours turns out that good!
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Theresa Evans said...

Excellent news! Good for you ... I will look forward to this DVD being on sale :)