Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Beating The Blues

Beating the Blues

Watercolour Exploration.

My feet literally aren't touching the ground this week as I am running three one day workshops and attending evening events also. Last night saw me at a charity event in Chichester hosted by Raymond Blanc at the "Brasserie Blanc" restaurant which was a wonderful evening. My painting successfully raised  funds for the Lady Taverners of which I am a member.

Yesterday  I ran the popular " Watercolours With Life " workshop which was followed today by a  completely new sesssion called " Beating the Blues" aimed at being  highly inspirational. I must confess I wanted to sit in on the class not take it at times as ideas were flowing non stop from really exciting washes and gorgeous experiments in colour. We opened with dramatic use of blue shades which were allowed to flow freely but by using careful placement of pigment created amazing texture effects.

Tomorrow I am running a workshop on how to paint dogs in a loose style and  there may be a special guest arriving in the form of a little puppy for a brief visit. Just to get our emotions running high which we will use  to gain attachment to the subjects we are painting.

The week as always is flying by but my brushes won't be leaving my hands next week when I am finally back in my studio with time to enjoy all the new ideas that have come across from each session so far.

Thank you to everyone who has attended and made this week so refreshing. It has been absolutely brilliant and meeting you all has been fantastic.

Happy Painting!


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