Saturday, 26 February 2011

Watercolours With Life Workshops Spring 2011

Purrfect Practise!
Siamese Kittens coming to life in  a first wash

I adore holding watercolour workshops. For weeks before they take place I plan each lesson, work out which subjects will make them really interesting and think seriously about how to bring each to life with colour combinations that are more extraordinary than ordinary. 

When the workshops arrive it isn't only those attending who are looking forward to each day as I am as well. They are aimed at being highly inspirational and motivational .The energy level is often quite high.  Mine especially!

Often during these sessions someone in the session will  have an image they wish to capture and need suggestions on how to begin.  More often than not while demonstrating I will  fall in love with a subject whilst sharing my way of working. That happened this week when Sue showed me an image of three gorgeous little kittens. They are seal points and absolutely adorable. Purrfect for watercolour!

Working from the nose of the first kitten glorious and fresh colour seemed to readily bring the tiny bundle of fur alive on paper. I am now working towards the second kitten and will only decide on whether to add the third or not as the painting progresses. I must confess I have now stopped looking at the photograph as this would hinder my creativity.To work as I do colour will guide my instincts on how this piece should progress.

I am loving how it is developing and know this will be a new favourite of mine.  Thanks to Sue I want to paint cats again.  This I know will please quite a few people who have been patiently waiting for more of my cat watercolours to appear!

Thank you Sue! 


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