Monday, 7 February 2011

Birth of my Second Book : Special moments.

Primroses coming to life in a Spring Watercolour

Today has been an amazing day. From the meeting with my publisher last year when we agreed on my second book to signing the contract to go ahead with the project and then recently holding the  skeleton of how my book will look in my hands for the first time,there has been one particular moment I have been eagerly waiting for when the time was right. And today it was.

Spring is all around me with beautiful flowers attempting to  make an entrance after the dull grey winter. Yesterday  we went to Wisley to see the Royal Horticultural Gardens. It is a little early for many of the spring flowers but giant snowdrops  were dancing in the breeze with their white heads bobbing to an fro. Against a variety of colour as a backdrop they were perfect inspiration for writing.  I see them as the white paper my words cover. Then there were wonderful Christmas roses ( hellebores) in  such amazing varieties.

My mind was alive by the time I came home and my imagination absolutely bursting with ideas. So today I have been completely anti social and  locked myself in my studio as I knew I had to create while I was so especially full of  enthusiasm.

So content was I with the words that seemed to flow I have pressed send on my first complete submission to my publisher for my next book. From here they will see for the very first time my text and paintings that will be in the first sections of my new project. The opening painting especially from this communication will be one that I know will raise smiles and have everyone wanting to see more from page to page. I will probably hardly sleep until my publisher now comes back to me to let me know what they think. We are both so excited about this venture and have been longing for  this time to come.

The journey has started at  my second time of being an author and there is no going back. And I am having a ball feeling as though I have  magical Christmas gifts to give away in the form of every single tip I have been given from all over the world. And I so hope others enjoy them as much as I do




Rebecca said...

Yesterday I received your book from Amazon and I haven't really stopped thinking about it since reading through the pages. I've just started a beginners course in drawing and painting and as much as I am loving it, I wasn't drawn to painting scenic watercolours of fields and cows. Seeing your book has made me really excited, I love colour and your pictures literally explode off the pages, and are a total inspiration to a beginner. Thank you for sharing. Katrina :)