Monday, 21 February 2011

Watercolour Workshop Update : 2011

February Workshops 2011

 Grape Hyacinth, Muscari
Spring Workshops 2010

This week I will be running three one day workshops starting from tomorrow.  They will be covering a number of themes but are intended to inspire so that all who attend leave with the urge and motivation to paint eagerly. These sessions have been fully booked for some time and I am so looking forward to them.

Watercolours With Life.  The favourite session as it looks at all techniques for many subjects.

Beating the Blues   Exciting approaches with texture and gorgeous compositions.

Dogs,Dogs and More Dogs.  Painting your favourite pooches minus the use of a preliminary sketch.


My watercolour workshops have become so popular but places are strictly limited as I only take a few sessions each year. This keeps my own motivation and  energy level high . It also ensures every single session is full of enthusiasm with exciting results. My aim is not to over do the number of workshops as I need time in between each group to maximise exploration into new ideas. This way of working also means everyone coming to me could see a painting process they may not have come across before. I also strive to bring the best out of everyone attending giving of my time during  every demonstration so that all who attend leave  having gained from the experience.

I have two day seminars available at Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire in April 2011.These are the only two day seminars I will be taking this year.One will take place in Spring  and the other in Autumn. Bookings for the seminars will be directly through the hotel so please contact the  following number  if you wish for further information.

Tel.  44 (1252) 853000



Jenny said...

Good luck with the workshops, Jean. I hope they go really well. i would love to do one with you in the future. Maybe next year! I wanted to ask you first - would you mind me putting a (favourable!) piece about you on my blog, and a link to your blog and website? I didn't want to do it without getting your permission first. Jenny x

Arti said...

You make them look so easy..