Sunday, 23 January 2011

Beating the Blues

Initial Flower Wash
Mock Orange Blossom is the inspiration for this colourful wash.

Sunday. A day of rest. Time to relax, look at the week that has passed and consider the week ahead. Have I achieved all I aimed for last week? Have I paintings to look forward to in the next?

Today nothing matters. My studio is not the centre of my time as we have been catching up with friends all weekend. I have also taken time to enjoy the countryside with my young Bearded Collie, Bailey, who needed some extra attention from my having left him for almost three weeks while we travelled in Asia.

These walks always turn on the my artists' soul. I always without fail see so much that I want to paint. I gain unusual ideas for workshops, appealing compositions, intricate brushstrokes and imaginative colour combinations.

At the moment I am surrounded by woodland where the trees have long since lost all of their leaves. The ground is thick with shades of  fading golds from the Autumn. The sky seems empty,almost void of colour as the winter months in England roll by. Many people find the long grey days depressing. I find them inspirational. This is often the time of year that I paint my brightest  pieces. I allow vibrant pigments to flow across paper and  smile as they interact creating incredible patterns.

I cannot remember which art society I was demonstrating to last year when I shared how I would approach painting a simple branch of orange blossom. In the subject we could all see obvious shades of green, lemon and white. To the art groups amazement I selected Winsor and Newtons Opera Rose  for a first wash. Then French Ultramarine. Stronger  placement of colour  followed as the painting developed. I loved everyones stunned reaction as the colours really did work as the subject formed. 

The warm glow from that memorable day is still with me. So much so that this morning I looked at the cool scenery outside my studio window and  thought of that wonderful cluster of blossom.  I allowed  my imagination to run riot and decided to just play with colour. I don't use masking fluid to save sections of white paper as I find this is similar to having a restrictive  preliminay sketch which can form definite lines to work within. Instead I freely enjoyed a vibrant wash that is already coming alive with a sense of  movement.

In my imagination I can see where the blossoms will lay in the composition. There is a heady feeling of excitement and anticipation and  my brush is being heralded to add the next details.

But this is a day to relax so I will only be painting as my heart desires and dictates.


As a Sunday should be.


"Beating the Blues"
Watercolour Workshop
February 2011

Can I remind everyone looking forward to the " Beating the Blues" workshop in February to bring all of their favourite vibrant shades as we won't be working mainly in blue! It's going to be a fantastic session!

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