Friday, 28 January 2011

Thank you for following my Blog.

Cockerel Eye developing in a Watercolour

It's been an incredible week in the first month of 2011. I am barely back from a wonderful trip to Asia and I am already working on my second book holding its' skeleton in my hands with meetings arranged with my photographers and publishers in March. February will be really exciting due to a new project. Workshops are  organised also.

Last night I picked up a collection of framed new paintings and celebrated the New Year with champagne in a gallery who had just sold several favourite paintings of mine.

Today I have so much to do so typing on my blog will have to wait until tomorrow. But I couldn't let the morning pass without saying a huge thank you for all the wonderful messages and comments I am receiving about my blog. I meet people in person who let me know how much they enjoy my posts. I open amazing emails from all over the world and then I read replies here. We have no idea when we share if anyone will ever read what we write.To know my blog posts are enjoyed means so much to me.

So thank you very much for  encouraging me to continue to share. Thank you to everyone following my blog and thank you to those who are leaving replies. In return I am wishng you will have the very  best year ahead full of incredible memories.

Thank you so much. 
Small words I know but they do carry so much genuine warmth.


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