Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Christmas Roses : 2017

"Christmas Roses"

Despite the cold weather I wandered around our cottage garden this afternoon and was thrilled to see the Christmas Roses in full bloom. These flowers have always fascinated me. They tend to grow with their heads facing downwards so their inner beauty is often hidden. Maybe like people, where our hearts tshine but others can't see how good they are. Or how kind.

I picked a few of the flowers and brought them into my studio to paint. My flowers have unfortunately been hit by frost, but to me this adds to the colour choices available to me to paint white subjects. I created a floral arrangement to work from using stems and twigs and began painting.

This is my first painting of Christmas Roses this year but it definitely won't be my last. In fact I have three washes right now painted with these beautiful floral subjects in mind and I am going to work on them, taking my time to enjoy what I am seeing in full view.

A lovely way to spend an afternoon. But thank heavens my studio is warm as it is freezing cold outside! 


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