Friday, 6 January 2017

Paint Yourself Calm : Published in French 2017

 "Paint Yourself Calm"
Published in French

I think I must be dreaming because I recieved a delivery today and in the box were copies of my book "Colour and Light" in Chinese. I have longed to be published in Chinese for such a long time. because I lived in China and studied and bought many Chinese art books there.

But I also lived in France and was given many gorgeous French art books at the time from French artists. Two in particular changed my life art wise. One by Madam Blanche Odin and one by Jean Louis Morelle. I adore these books and still treasure them.

So on my wish list was to one day be published in French.

My dream came true today. In fact two dreams came true today.

I'm actually so happy and thrilled. Dreams coming true at any time of life is wonderful. But most importantly we should all have dreams to long for .

It is time for me to create some new dreams!

One very happy author here today!

"Paint Yourself Calm" can be purchased in English from via this link


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Mari Carmen Polo Soler said...

Hi, Jean. Today, we celebrate, in Spain, the Three Wise Men and I have received your book, Paint Yourself Calm, as a gift.

Now I have two of your books: Atmospheric Watercolours and Paint Yourself Calm. I'm so happy...

Happy New Year!

Greetings from Madrid. Spain.