Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year 2017 : Workshops UK & USA

"A New Morn" 
First Rooster of 2017

I have been away celebrating the New Year with friends in Vienna. Its' been a wonderful break and a fantastic start to welcome 2017. But now I am happily back in my studio preparing for the year ahead. I have a lot on this year starting with my USA Tour next month which will take me to Arizona and Florida. With several workshops in New Orleans also. 

I will be judging several major art exhibitions  and art competitions this year . Starting this month with pre selection  tasks.

I am also exhibiting throughout the year having accepted several invitations to show.  On top of this I have accepted a fabulous new major project which will keep me incredibly busy over the next twelve months. I am not  going to be idle this year for sure!

I have to admit that as much as I adore teaching my now highly popular workshops,  I am missing quality studio time to paint. So this year I have prioritised my own studio time, for the first time in such a long while.  I have given so much over the last twenty or so years teaching techniques in watercolour and loved every second. But last year I taught so much that I missed painting for my own satisfaction. In fact I almost fitted in painting for galleries in between workshops as opposed to putting the wonderful galleries who represent me first.

And so I have come to a decision that this year it is time to fill up my own " creative tank" and paint more here. in my studio.

UK Workshops

I have received many emails enquiring about my workshops, particularly in UK but as yet no dates have been released.  With my husband recently having been in hospital and my own art commitments I have not had time to arrange any as yet.  This does not mean there won't be any. Please can I ask all artists interested in my UK courses to now follow my blog as the system for booking workshops with me has changed. From here in all workshops in UK, as with those in USA, will be announced on my blog.  Once the dates and locations have been announced please contact me as I will be working on a first come, first booked system.  In the past there has been a system where artists on previous courses received early notification by email. This time consuming work was handled by my fabulous PA, Christine who has now retired. I am afraid I don't have time to contact the long list of artists wanting to book. So to be fair to everyone, artists who have come to me before and new artists who have yet to get their foot in the door on a course at all I will announce all art events here, on my blog, so that everyone has the same opportunity of booking a place.

USA Workshops 

All my 2017 USA workshops are now fully booked however cancellations often occur so names can be added to the waiting lists.

Here is my itinerary for USA and Canada 2017

February and March 2017
New Orleans

October/November 2017


My Personal Teaching Ethics and Mission

I have always wanted to ensure that each of my workshops is memorable , giving as much of my time to each artist attending as possible. My goal is that everyone who comes to me to share my passion and enthusiasm for watercolour, leaves my courses feeling 100% inspired. I have never been driven to teach for financial gain or fame. For me sharing my love for this medium so that others enjoy it too is all that matters. I want artists who come to me to reach their own personal dreams. Whether it be exhibiting, teaching themselves or simply loving creating. This is what matters to me most and right now I am facing a new year with so much more that is exciting to share. But I wish to fine tune my new techniques before passing them on in my classes.

Please know, as soon as I have time, my new workshops, locations and dates announced will be worth the wait as I intend to make them my best yet.

So please watch this space!




Susan Ciolino said...

I'm watching for 2018,,,,

Nanqueen said...

Thank you Jean. I look forward to the release of your U.K. dates....... so, for now...just looking.... and waiting patiently and practicing and playing, just a little bit! Enjoy your USA trip.