Thursday, 12 January 2017

Life and Chores

 Sweet Scented Narcissus
Work in Progress

 I am the same as everyone else. I have daily chores and responsibilities that keep me away from painting at times, even when my heart is desperately screaming for me to ignore them and get on with just painting. But as much as it would be a possible way to diet, I do need to eat and so does my husband.  And so shopping for food supplies is part of my routine. But don't you find chores can be so boring when your heart isn't in them?

I knew I wanted to paint spring flowers today and I knew I would be racing around the shops as fast as possible so that I could return to my studio. And that is exactly what I did. But I am so glad I went out. I had a much needed break from constantly working and I saw many flowers  on display which were tempting to my artists soul. And I bought myself several!

I honestly couldn't wait to get into my peaceful painting zone which my mind had reached long before my body had today. I was painting flowers all the time I was choosing fruit and vegetables.

I created an early start in a new painting  of some sweet scented narcissus first. As I worked I tried to breath life into my painting. I love how some of the tiny flowers are already bursting into life in this new piece. While this work in progress is drying I thought I would share the early stage on my blog. With you.

These narcissus have clusters of small flowers on one stem. Alone in a vase they look lost so I have added some greenery from my garden, and this addition aided my composition too with ideas for background brushstrokes.

I will add detail to some of the petals next and possibly add some more greenery when that is done.

The upper section seen below is enchanting. I loved it as it came to life.

 Upper section of my work in progress.

 The full painting can be seen below. I have tiny buds on the stem I am using to work from. These I may or may not add. A painting evolves and often tells you what it needs, if you have patience and learn to listen to it you will understand what I mean. By not racing to complete my work I can add or not, as my heart dictates.

Full painting of sweet scented narcissus waiting for the next brush strokes.
Work in progress.


Artists Tip for the day?

Do those boring chores so that they are out of the way and you can then paint with a free mind and clear conscience!

But make those chores fun by continually thinking about what you will paint next.


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