Thursday, 22 December 2016

The Gift of Giving 2016

"Joyeux Noel"

Christmas Day is almost here and as a child I would believe that Santa was preparing his sleigh, filling it with lots of toys. I look back at my own years of parenthood where my husband would carefully make footprints in the garden outside so it would look as though reindeer had been. He would have the task of eating the mince pie and drinking the sherry neatly left out for Santa. I would have the rather less pleasant task of nibbling a carrot to look as though a reindeer had eaten it. Not that I had a clue what that looked like!

But the joy for me then was in going to bed waiting eagerly to see our children's faces on Christmas morning. Their innocent joy was so beautiful to behold.

As adults we lose that magic. Or do we?

My husband has been asking me for ages,  what I would like as a gift this year. I said " All I want for Christmas is you" and he replied that sounded like a song. But seriously. What do we need ? Many of us have far too much already. Whilst many do not have even a roof over their heads. Or food for their families.

I don't want to bring my blog post down but to me Christmas is a time for giving. Not receiving. And I genuinely don't want anything that money could buy this year. I want love, peace and understanding. Maybe a simple hug. And hope for a fabulous new year ahead with so much to enjoy. That's all.

And what can I give?

Friendship, love, my art and lots of teaching to help others enjoy painting as much as I do. But mainly I can give my time, a few smiles and hopefully some laughter along the way.

However you are feeling about Christmas, it is a  magical time of year because it reminds us that the true gift in life is giving. And that's quite a huge lesson for all of us to remember!

Happy Painting and a very Happy Christmas!



Susan Ciolino said...

the greatest gift I received this year was the wonderful knowledge that you shared so freely in a workshop!

Sue (this n that) said...

Well said, and thank you for your generosity always shown throughout your blog :D)

Nanqueen said...

Well said..... from me too! I find giving so much easier than receiving........ but I also remembered to allow others to have the joy of gifting to from my little wish list... your Paint Yourself Calm book, which my son said sounded perfect for me, and from my daughter, a wonderful little selection of tiny watercolour tubes by Daniel Smith to enjoy playing with!
So I wish you all a Happy, healthy and a more hopeful year for humanity.