Wednesday, 21 December 2016

The Holly King : Winter Solstice 2016

"The Holly King"

Today is the Winter Solstice, a special day where the Oak King and Holly King do battle, and the Oak King wins at this time of year. It really is fascinating taking time out to read ancient traditions and beliefs. I have grown up on tales such as these and love the celebrations.
Today in honour of the losing King, I have painted him wearing his holly crown.

Here is a link to information on the two kings.

There are many beliefs connected with the Winter Solstice but for me I love the idea that it is a time of hope, for letting go of the past and looking into the future as being bright and light.

Ancient Celts would bring holly into their homes as they were  considered a symbol of good luck. As a child I would gather holly to decorate our home. Years later, in our cottage garden we have huge holly trees but the birds have long since eaten all their colourful red berries. The holly tree is said to protect your home from evil so in days gone by they would be planted for this reason. 

Who knew?

So when we look at Christmas cards with holly on them we can think about how they play a part at this time of year and their importance.

For now I'm thinking of the Oak King who won his battle.

And I will close this post wishing you a very Happy Winters Solstice.


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